Welcome to my blog!

Comics and Coffee is your pit-stop for all things Superhero (and sometimes villain)! We aim to produce light-hearted, easy reading for all fans of DC and Marvel.

Who am I?

I’m Amy Scott, a part-time student and full-time nerd. When I’m not in university, I’m cosplaying, reading comic books, or playing video games.

I decided to start Comics and Coffee to show that anyone can be a comic book fan. This may seem ridiculous considering it’s not the 1900s, but somehow I still can’t wear a DC t-shirt without a man asking me what Batman’s star sign is to prove that I’m not a ‘fake fan.’

What is Comics and Coffee?

This blog is all-inclusive, and will be looking at digital impact on comic books, and their extended universes.

There will be dedicated posts to comics, fandoms, movies, gaming and even cosplay.

Be sure to stay tuned for ongoing post series ‘Behind the Mask,’ which quite literally aims to unmask the dark side of the digital world and comic books. Read the first in the series here.

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