This infographic I created shows just a small amount of the research out there regarding eBooks. I chose these research examples as I think that they reveal some interesting facts about the consumption of eBooks. I hope you find it interesting too.

ebook Consumption and sales

What made me wonder if eBooks are as popular as everyone says can be found throughout the infographic. The numbers do not add up with what people say. For example, in ‘the percentage of target market that consumes eBooks worldwide’ graph the highest percentage is in the USA with 24.5% of the target market consuming eBooks. Considering that this is the highest figure, the number is still quite low. This suggests that, in fact, not many people are actually reading eBook. This is different to what I, and I’m sure some of you, were expecting.

There is, however, no denying that eBook sales have increased over the past decade. This is shown in the ‘comparison of print and audiobook vs eBook sales’ graph which shows how in 2008 the number of eBook sales were under 1 billion dollars which is a dramatic change 9 years later where the number increases to 8 billion dollars.

Predicting the future

The research that I found particularly interesting is the last graph which was conducted in 2008. It is interesting as it asks the participants what they expect will happen with eBooks in 5 years. As it has now been 10 years it shows how people were hesitant to accept eBooks as the new way to read literature. This is shown by the 7% who said that they will mostly read eBooks. The other research in my infographic can support this due to the low numbers of people who actually consume eBooks (first 2 graphs).

Here is a link to view my infographic online so please, please check it out.

My aim when creating this infographic was to learn something new about the consumption and sale of eBooks and I hope you have too. Do you read eBooks? Or do you prefer to hold a real book? What’s your opinion on the future of reading? Let me know in the comments below or on my twitter! I’d be happy to chat.

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