The Hidden Danger In Your Hands

The Hidden Danger In Your Hands

As I look round my lecture room trying so very hard to pay attention to my professors (sorry guys) I notice the amount of people who have some sort of tape or Blue Tac on their laptop webcams.

I have always found that a bit weird to me because honestly who really wants to watch me through my laptop while I am belting out Disney songs (admittedly not very well) stuffing my face with chocolate with my face covered in Sudocrem.

Interesting right? No.

So, I think why do people do it, but thinking about it more in depth and recalling recent privacy scandals, its logically not a bad thing to do.

We are unaware of how easy it is to hack into someone’s webcam. Once you know how to do it, it is done in a click of a button. Literally. It’s like taking candy from a baby, and in this case, taking all your personal information and invading your privacy at once.

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Digital Age

We now live in a world where technology consumes us. We are living in the information age because of the rise in technology and how far it has come since the computer was first invented. This is clear as of 2017, 88% of households in the UK had a computer in their home.However, although having the newest phone and the best laptop out there is all well and good, this all comes now at a huge cost. The cost is our privacy. The more advanced and technical our technology gets; the deeper people can hack into our lives and gain even more information than is needed.

As technology has now become a part of us it has become so intrusive on our personal lives. Some may think that they are open and share everything therefore they do not need worry about things such as privacy, but privacy is a major right that we have and are trying to fight for. Respecting someone’s personal life is acknowledging that person’s right to freedom as they are the ones to dictate what they do and do not share.

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Generations and Technology

As different generations have different relationships with technology, it’s easy to understand why so many people in older generations are more cautious about their privacy and security. However, this is with technology in general.

With younger generations they are more cautious of social media and surveillance to do with technology. This is to do with webcams such as on your computer and hackers having access to these sorts of software.

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Developing Technology

As technology consumes our lives more and more every day, new technology is developing and becoming more advanced.

Stories about Apple’s new AirPods have come about last week, hinting that they may not be just wireless headphones.

It was revealed last week that AirPods are able to help people with hearing impediments. However, although this is an incredible feature, it was noted that this feature can also be used to eavesdrop on people’s conversations. If linked with an apple device such as iPhone, that can act as a microphone which then sends sound to your AirPods.

The option ‘listen live’ is what gives peoples this accessibility. If this option is on, it allows users to listen to conversations going on in another room – as long as their iPhone is in the room.

This type of technology is a major down fall in the way of how technology is developing. For people with hearing impediments this is an incredible innovative piece of technology which gives hope to others that maybe technology can enhance people’s way of life.

However, this is a huge obstruction in people’s rights to privacy. This is immensely intrusive and questions whether this is intentional by Apple or not.

With a company as big as Apple creating an opportunity to do this, this makes people more aware of how much companies like this control our lives and that these companies could be spying on us.

With technology growing this much and evolving constantly, I wonder, as it grows, do we start to sacrifice our privacy?


Next Week

However, technology is just the start of the problem with privacy. The internet creates even more problems and dilemmas when it comes to our privacy, and that is why next week’s post will be talking about the internet and the impact this has.

So, enjoy your weekend and remember, stay cyber safe.

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