Here is a video of my thoughts on the outcome of the blog!

I do not feel one’s age or gender affects their mental health. I feel it is down to social and lifestyle factors.

Its been shown women are more likely to suffer mental health, although this may be to them being more open to discuss it than males?

The younger end of my target audience (15-19) were suggested more likely to experience mental health. I do not believe digital media is the causation for this, although it plays many factors.

20-30year olds feel more pressure to speak out as there is higher stigma attached to older people having mental health.

I feel if I had expanded my age range I would have found a lot less people over the age of 30 speaking out about mental health.

Is digital media having a negative affect on mental health?
Does it affect men and women differently?
Does it affect age groups differently?

Thankyou so much for all your on-going support