Tone and Voice

Image by RawPixel via Pexels, no attribution required.

The fundamental design of Shop Notch is to explore the ever-changing means in which modern technology and digital advancements have modified the way in which we shop for all different types of products. The tone will be casual.

The writing style of this blog will always comply with the following rules:

Credible: Sources such as articles, videos, and websites which have been created by others will be referenced within the blog posts. Only credible authors and organizations will be featured on Shop Notch when using content that has been sourced elsewhere. High credibility will make Shop Notch more reliable and trustworthy.

Informative: The posts on shop Notch will always remain informative, despite their light-hearted nature. They will offer content that is both interesting and accurate for readers to enjoy.

Friendly: The tone of Shop Notch should always be welcoming and easy-to-read. I decided against an academic narrative in favor of one that is more colloquial and casual. I believe this is far more suitable to the nature of the blog and posts.

Interesting: Each post on Shop Notch will be enjoyable to read and offer stimulation to the reader in forms of videos, tweets and Instagram content. Posts should consist of content produced by the author and from other sources that are relevant to the topic and will engage the reader.

– Alice x

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